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Black and White Standards


Optical Instruments


                Achromatic pairs, mounted                          

                Hastings Triplets Achromats                               

                NIR Achromatic Pairs, Mounted                 

                Steinheil Triplet Achromats                                  

                UV to NIR corrected triplets                   

Aspheric lenses                                                                                                

                Infrared aspheric lens                                               

                Precision aspheric lens                                 

                UV-Grade fused silica precision aspheres                                                                            

Ball lenses                                                                                                       




                Broadband polarizing cube beamsplitter                     

                Dichroic plate beamsplitter                             

                Infrared plate beamsplitter                             

                Laser line non-polarizing beamsplitter                     

                Lateral displacement beamsplitter                     

                Near infrared plate beamsplitter, mounted          

                Non-polarizing cube beamsplitter, mounted and unmounted

                Plate beamsplitters                                           

                Polarizing cube beamsplitter                             

                Standard cube beamsplitter                             

                Ultra-violet plate beamsplitter                             

                Visible plate beamsplitter, mounted          


                Cone lens                                                         

                Cone mirror                                                 


                45-degree dichroic filters                               

                Bandpass filters                                               

                Broadband interference filters                               

                Dichroic color filters                                          

                Infrared bandpass filters                               

                Infrared cutoff filters                                          

                Longpass filters                                               

                Longpass glass color filters                               

                Near infrared neutral density filters                    

                Neutral density filters                                        

                Shortpass filters                                               

                Ultraviolet bandpass filters                               

                UV-Vis neutral density filters                            

                Visible bandpass filters                          

Fresnel Lenses                                                                                                 

                Cylinder fresnel lenses                             

                Infrared fresnel lenses                             

                Plano convex fresnel lenses                  

Lens arrays                                                                                                      

                Multi lens array                                     

Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods                                                               

                Fused Silica Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods        

                Tapered Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods                


                1/4 wave spherical mirrors                             

                90-degree specialty mirrors                             

                Cold mirrors                                     

                Concave spherical mirrors                             

                Cone mirror                                       

                Dichroic hot mirror                                            

                Diode laser mirrors                                          

                First surface mirrors 1/4 wave                          

                First surface mirrors 4 to 6 waves                     

                First surface mirrors 4 to 6 waves per inch                 

                High performance off-axis parabolic mirrors             

                Hot mirrors                                     

                Infrared mirrors                                

                Micro cone mirrors                                             

                Nd:YAG laser line mirrors                             

                Precision elliptical flat mirrors 1/4 to 1/8 wave   

                Precision optical flat mirrors 1/4 to 1/20 wave 

                Precision parabolic mirrors                             

                Precision spherical mirrors 1/4 and 1/8 wave   

                Right angle mirrors                                            

                Rod and cone mirrors                             

                Visible laser diode mirrors                             

                Wide band hot mirror                                          


                Glan laser                                                        

                Glan Taylor                                      

                Glan Thompson 


                Cold Ellipsoidal reflectors

                Large parabolic reflectors

                Precision ellipsoidal reflectors

                Precision parabolic reflectors 

Rod lenses                                                                                                       

                45-degree rod lenses                                     

                Micro rod lenses                                

                Rod lenses                                     

                UV fused silica rod lenses        


                Achromatic retarder/waveplate                                    

                Multi order retarder/waveplate                                    

                Precision achromatic retarder/waveplate                    

                Precision zero order retarder/waveplate                    

                Quartz retarder/waveplate                                    

                Zero order retarder/waveplate                                    


                B270 windows                                   

                BK7 windows                                   

                Borofloat borosilicate windows                           

                CaF2 windows                                   

                Germanium windows                                         

                Ground glass diffusers                           

                High efficiency anti-reflection coated windows   

                Precision BK7 windows                           

                Precision UV fused silica window                    

                Optical flat windows                                          

                Sapphire windows                                            

                Silicon windows                                

                UV fused silica windows                           

                Zinc Selenide windows