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Projection Lens FL=28 mm f/3.5, 18X, AR coated 6-elements

Projection Lens FL=22 mm f/3.5, 24X, AR coated, multi elements

Projection Lens 1"=FL, Triplet, f/3.0, Projection 6X, microfilm

Condenser Lens, Aspheric, FL=2.3", O.D.=2.4", Pyrex

Front Condenser Lens, FL=47mm, Biconvex, 44.3mm Dia, Heat treat

Filter, heat ray, 2.0" dia., 0.312" thick, ISK-150, tempered

Aspheric Lens, Condenser, FL=29mm, Dia.=44.4mm, Crown

Projection Lens, 57mm=FL, f/3.0, microfilm projection 40X

Fresnel Lens Smooth Side AR coated, 6.4"x9.6"x0.08" Front

Fresnel Lens Smooth Side AR coated, 6.4"x9.6"x0.08" Rear

Lens projection Vari-focal 235-265 mm, 3 element, BAR coated all surfaces, 50 mm dia., Object format 10.4" diagonal. Resolution 4 lines/mm projected full field.

Condenser Lens, FL=194mm, O.D.=88.6mm, Plano-Convex, Suprax

Mirror wide band hot, IR reflecting, visible transmitting, 3.0x3.5" OCLI 0.125" thick pyrex or tempex

Dichroic mirror, cold mirror, 5.5x6.75", OCLI type C

Lamp multi-mirror, EVW, 82V, 250W

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